Mitić, Gojko

Gojko Mitić was a famous Winnetou in Defa/Bosna film co-productions. He was born 13. 6. 1940. in Serbia in the village of Leskovac. His father was a farmer, Živojin Mitić, and his mother’s name was Timka. While his father was fighting against Nazis and Pavelić he grew up in a village close to Morava where his grandfather lived. There he learned German and at the age of 20 Gojko decided to become a teacher for Fiskultura. In 1963 he got his first movie job in a Karl May film called Under the Eagles. From 1965-75 with Defa he made a movie each year, and smart Gojko was his own stuntman. His German is perfect but with an accent, that is why he was synchronized (because Indians don’t have an accent). Nowadays, this greatest actor of Leskovac is living in East-Berlin.

  • Andreas Reich